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Having a new home inspection done on every home is a very important part of the home buying process. A good home inspection by a professional inspector can save a home buyer time and often up to tens of thousands of dollars. It gives the buyer peace of mind to know exactly what they are about to purchase. A home inspector can find issues with a home that is not noticeable by the buyer. Problems such as wiring, structural, roofing or plumbing issues will be assessed by the inspector for any potential issues. Some of which (such as bad wiring in a home) can be a huge safety issue for the buyer. They may even reveal insect/pest infestations including the possibility of termites. The inspector will inform the buyer of the issues found and whether they are minor or major and if they can be repaired or must be replaced. They will also notify the buyer of any problems that may need to be addressed in the near future but will not cause immediate financial stress for the buyer.