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What is Covered in a home Inspection?
A comprehensive "Home" inspection covers the homes major systems. The roof, Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC systems are all inspected etc. Other components of the home such as structure/foundation, appliance, staircase (if applicable) windows, doors, attic, garage, and walls as regards homes exterior swimming pool, lawn sprinkler system, exterior wall, driveway, walkways, fencing etc.

During the inspection if any of these items are found to be deficient we will document them in our report and will give you a repair estimate cost of having a licensed contractor specific to the item perform the repairs. In most cases a photograph of the damaged item is provided in our detailed report.

Again, the purpose of this is to inform you as a home buyer as regards the condition of the home that your purchasing. In certain instances it can be used to negotiate the final cost of the home or having repairs be completed by the seller prior to closing.