Why Inspect Your Roof Before Roof Restoration

Roofing is an essential protector of your home against rain, snow, sun and other weather elements. When you neglect it and let the structure get leaky or damaged, substantial issues like mould growth and damaged insulation may arise. So have your roof regularly inspected to avoid such problems.

When to Call a Roof Inspector?

Timing is vital for a roof inspection. Fall and spring are the most suitable times to check for roofing issues before winter or summer rolls in. Freezing temperatures would put off roof restoration and working on icy surfaces from a height can be dangerous. Another benefit of having a fall inspection is that it allows enough time for restoration projects like lichen and moss treatments to be completed in time.

PRO vs DIY Roof Inspection

Most people can notice obvious roofing issues like leaks or missing shingles. But many kinds of damage are not visible to the untrained eye or require you to climb up to see. If your roof is entirely new, have a quick DIY examination from the attic or ground to find out any signs of leaks. For a more comprehensive check, hiring an experienced contractor from dragonroofing.com.au is better.

What a Roof Inspection Covers

  • Structures: A professional should check the gutter, fascia and soffit to uncover any signs of sagging or uneven planes. The chimney should be examined too for cap damage or crumbling grout. Inspecting the attic venting is also necessary to prevent heat and moisture from accumulating and reducing roof lifespan.
  • Quality: A workmanship inspection involves checking if the flashing and skylights are well installed.
  • Interiors: As roof leaks can damage your living space, the inspector should examine your attic, walls and ceiling to discover any signs of mould and water stains. Such elements can damage your structure once they penetrate in.
  • Materials: A roof inspector should look for loose shingles or missing fasteners.

Roofing Inspection Report

After inspecting your roof, the professional should provide you with a comprehensive report about current conditions and suggested repairs. Be sure to plan a roof restoration project pronto.